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I agree with Pete from Dragonchasers; a good idea of Trion would be to make better use of the Patch UI when loading up the game. Not everyone spends their time on the forums or on the official website to look for news. The only reason I knew of the original live event to a great detail is because I went to a fellow blogger's site and read up on it. We all need to go through the patcher to open the game, so putting news there just makes logical sense.

Another idea would be to have news and information on the loading screens; whether it is the giant Rift beginning loading screen, or the screen when you login with your character or while you transition between zones via Porticulum. Having news posted there would get the word out alot more effectively than previously used methods.
I'm not too upset about missing the Stage 2/3 of the Live Event, just thought these would be some good improvements for a company that seems to be making an honest attempt at improving a game that I thoroughly enjoy already.


Thank you guildies for running us through Foul Cascade!

I had recalled when Warhammer Online had the special promotion for WAR bloggers, where if they signed up for it, would get a nice in-game title. I kinda wish Trion would do the same. I've obviously been blogging about it ever since it launched and have given positive reviews which were honest opinions of my own experience. I think it would be nice to get some more traffic on this blog and enjoy a nice reward from Trion for helping promote their game.

I can think of two things off the top of my head that i'd want as a reward/perk:
1. An emote of your character pulling out a pad of parchment and writing something down.

2. Special in-game title

Any good suggestions of titles?

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