Open Letter to Gaiscioch

-note: this is just my opinion and not of my guild's who is much more easy going-

Dear (Guild of) Gaiscioch on Faeblight,

I'm not too sure what your intentions are as a whole as a guild, whether it is a group building exercise, achievement hunting, rifting currency collection, an adventure in enemy territory, a role-playing event, or your own form of griefing. But i'd like to let you know, that you are ruining the game (and in my eyes: reputation) for many innocent players when your zerg guild comes to Defiant territory to close our rifts as lvl 50s in Scarlet Gorge.

I'm writing this the day after this happened, and after I experienced it for the second time, so i've had time to think about it and cool down. And after that, I accept all reasons to why you're in our zone; its a game and you're free to do whatever you like.

What i'm going to make you aware(and hope this isn't a reminder) of is this though: you not only hurt the players on the Defiant side (which may be your goal), but you also hurt the Guardians as well. When you come into a zone 20+ levels below you and stop people's fun, they will remember. They will eventually get to level 50 as well and then do you know what they will do? They will come into the Guardian low levels and grief their areas. And they won't flag themselves (or they might) and just ruin the fun of any Guardian playing in that area. See, they won't be coming into the area to do anything else BUT to ruin someone else's time. Some innocent person is going to be asking "why the heck are these high lvl guys doing this?" So now you've hurt two groups of players now. And then these Guardians remember they were griefed and they continue the perpetual cycle of griefing.

Good job Gaiscioch! Brotherhood, honor and blood feuds. That is your legacy.

Think about THAT next time you come to Scarlet Gorge.


  1. Scarlet Gorge is a CONTESTED area. Which means that both factions have no claim to the area. I understand that this is your little slice of the internet, and you're venting your frustration. I would offer a suggestion to you: rethink what you're going to post before you do so. You'll be better off in the long run...trust me.

    Have an awesome day friend!

  2. @Anonymous
    Point taken, but remember these are lvl 50s that are in this area, NONE of them are level appropriate. So they are essentially griefing and preventing the actual level appropriate players from enjoying THEIR content.