Making the Impossible, Possible.

From my gameplay, the top 3 souls from each calling that i've seen:


None; b/c no one plays a cleric! :P
Ok fine; Druid



What have you seen as favorite/frequently used souls? (i like being less frequently used souls)


I must commend Trion on once again surpassing my wildest dreams and kind of causing me to play till 3 this morning.

Mythic helped me grow to love my first tank class ever: The Blackguard. With the cool looks, polearms (memories of UO) and my pocket healer which had me taking down 5-8 monsters at a time, I was instantly attracted. Trion continued that love with the Paladin which had countless aoes. And now I understand the love of Captain America; using your shield as a primary weapon and flinging it at your enemy gives you a such a rush. The skill Bullrush in the Champion soul reminds me of Gundam Seed and I absolutely love that anime. Constantly jump and fly into an enemy's face? Yes please!

Trion has possibly done the impossi
ble; making a melee stealth dps an interesting and fun experience for me. If i've ever played a dps class, it was always ranged, whether it be magic or arrows. It would never be an assassin. Thing is, once people closed that gap and got into the face of the ranged dps, you were done: Game over. I've been playing alot more pvp recently as it is my girl friend's choice of activity and found alot of people were ranged and i've always liked being unique.
And then I made a 32 Assassin, 10 Nightblade, 0 Bladedancer. And it worked. Solo is incredibly fast; I can manage 3+ monsters at a time, and sometimes down a monster in 3 hits. THREE hits. Thats impressive. I haven't tried pvp, but i'm quite sure ill be a terror on the battlefield now.


  1. Gotta be kidding. Justicar is THE melee tank cleric. They're the Warrior Priests of Rift! Also, I am an awesome tank of awesomeness, I'll have to drag you along sometime. Druid... feh. Sissy pet class imo.

  2. Hmm, maybe druids because they are the most obvious with their fairy pet. Interesting to note that I have been predominantly playing my Cleric like a caster, Inquisitor/Cabalist when I'm in DPS and questing mode. I don't notice to many others with that :P

  3. i think i just don't see many clerics at all; very high in rogues (i guess like most mmos)