Some Awareness

If I was a bit more artistically inclined, I'd design, print and wear some shirts to promote my political party of choice as I don't want the Canadian Conservatives back in power with all the controversies and the lack of cooperation that they are showing. I also didn't realize how short the political campaign is (like a month). In the US it felt like 3 months of campaigning across the country. Unfortunately right now the best I can do is blog about it and throw in a gaming article too so it doesn't get too political!
My shirt would read: After what i've seen, I'd rather vote Bloc than Conservatives!
The back would say: Vote Liberal!


And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Why do game developers bother with Tattoos?

unless your character is female, when you have full armor on your character, you will never see those tattoos again. I would spend more time designing more armor sets and cosmetic dyes than designing tats.


If you like buying funny shirts, try going here

My coworker Wolfman buys from there and says the only drawback is you can only ship one item at a time... odd..

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  1. Interestingly, that slogan would have been a PERFECT counter to the States current liberal president who campaigned on "hope".