The Potion System

If you see this Rift Event and don't like reading what are the objectives: kill the slow moving spirits before they get close to the dragon! That specific rift pictured above, we failed, maybe because people didn't know what to do; maybe we didn't have enough people..

Trion has done a good job in listening to the feedback and making the source stones much easier to obtain and not feel that it's impossible to get the rewards. You can get 100 source stones in about 3 days from daily quests and doing a bit of death rifting.


I've always found that a potion reward is incredibly boring. I do not want to see them as a reward in future mmo's as it normally ends up as trash as they are so inconsequential as it may have taken multiple potions to get to that point.

I'm a rift! Rawrrrrr!

If we're talking about potions, lets start handing out multiple:
5 Healing
3 Buffing
3 Damaging
1 Special (polymorph or something else)

If it is a repeating quest, let there be diminishing returns in regards to the amount of potions recieved. Simple. Done.

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