Stop the Hate

I don't want to foster any unnecessary and ignorant hate of the Chinese b/c i'm Chinese myself and I've read of enough 'fear' of them. But when I heard of the earthquake and then tsunami that affected Japan and that some Chinese people were happy I was a bit ashamed. For those with little history between them, in the 30s Japan invaded China, and then there was the murder, rape, torture and all that horrible stuff. Its like if there was something horrible that happened in a Muslim country where many innocent people were dying (say Libya and deaths of civilians), would 'some' Americans actually be happy that they are suffering due to the terrorist bombers and tragedy of 9/11, even if it was innocent people and children?

It's videos like below that gives me hope for the human race; that there is inherent good, that we can hold hands, come together and comfort each other.

I wish I had thought of something like this; I bet I could have reached out to cosplayers that I know of and get collections, take pictures, videos, all that and donated more generously.

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  1. I am Chinese too, and I am ashamed when I see sentiments like that myself. It's one thing to remember and carry around the resentment towards those who actually committed the horrible stuff decades and decades ago, but it's another thing to cheer upon the suffering of people now who are generations removed from WWII and have nothing to do with what happened in the 30s.