RIFT: Group Bank Idea & Implementation

My RL friend & guildie Ezuri, thought of a good idea that hopefully Trion can think about and implement. He gave me permission to cut and paste this directly from his email and forum post so the idea would get more exposure:

hey all,

not sure if this is right place to post this, but i'm sure with enough interest it may garner the attention of the developers.

so my enhancement suggestion is piggy banking on a much sought after feature: the guild bank
what i would like to see is the ability to open a 'group bank'. aka no guild required.
between friends/players online that you play rift with, it would be super beneficial to be able to have a group bank for storing all those excess artifacts, gathered materials, BoE items, etc.

unlike the guild bank, this group bank wouldn't/shouldn't come with user level restrictions (aka who can deposit, withdraw, # per day, etc.). it's based on the honesty system and trust between friends.

also, since this would be a great benefit for many players, it can't be introduced without some negatives.
i would propose one or more of the following to balance this out:
- a nominal fee (in-game currency) for all withdrawals, while deposits are free (aka money sink)
- an additional charge to the monthly cost ($1/month per character attached to a group bank?) (each account is responsible for their own players)
- the 'destruction' of the group bank must have the approval of each invited/shared member
- increase the in game currency cost of buying additional 'bag slots' in comparison to a personal/guild bank

as a minor enhancement to this, i would like to see a mail-to-bank feature as well - also for a 'fee'.
imagine being able to mail items and checking a box that says something like 'send items to group bank'. obviously if a bank is full, it stays in the mailbox instead (and you lose the extra you paid to send it).



Good idea Ezuri; this would totally help; I think DDO did this and had to pay X amt to share between characters on your account.

p.s. Ezuri you owe me 5 plat now ;)

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