Rift Musings

I thought I had something written for today, but apparently not.

A whole lot of turtles (through pre-orders)

Still wishing there was a greater variety of dyes I could make; i'm around 150ish and can only make different shades of cyan and green.

Got a flat tire on Saturday through a combination of excitement and lack of sleep. When changing tires, make sure if the jack has a groove on it, then your car has a protruding part to fit the groove. Also when tightening and loosening bolts on tires, to make sure you do it in a star formation (so one side isn't loose). [thought this would be helpful]

Less urgency to get rift dailies/death rifts complete as Trion keeps increasing the Sourcestone rewards. It looks like its now 15 instead of 10. It reminds me of the Syndrome, the villain from The Incredibles who quoted that once everyone has super powers that no one would be special/super anymore. That because its very easy/easier to get these rewards, everyone is going to have it and thus it won't be 'that' special anymore. 5 as a reward was kinda skimpy, 10 was a good amount, but 15 is being a bit too generous. But now I don't feel pressured to run for every single death rift.

For those that like the anime series Gundam Seed, you must play the Warrior and use the Champion soul. Nothing feels more satisfying that jumping down a ledge that would cause damage, only to use Bullrush and fly into a monster's face instead. Hiii-yah!

I apologize to the dirty Guardians that I played against in the Codex and Black Gardens over the weekend:
1. I wanted to see what kind of diminishing returns are on Transmogrify (3 by the way)
2. I like turning people into squirrels
3. I know its annoying ... sooo.. Ha!


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