Lots and lots of Agro

I didn't rage quit last night, but I certainly rage logged-out. I was in Scarlet Gorge and there was an Earth Invasion where we had to collect Sourcestones before time ran out. Unfortunately alot of normal mobs were not destroyed by the invasion force AND there was singular elite invasion mobs patrolling the whole map. And when they got a sniff of you (HUGE agro range), they chased you the entire map. Or until you got pinned down by the normal mobs and then finished you off.

They certainly held a grudge too; I swear the same mob found me after I soul walked and killed me 2 more times. I suppose I had the last laugh b/c I think rift monsters stay down when you defeat them. :P

I died so much I looked like that.

Or maybe its just me changing sides; i'm fighting for Regulos now!

Its actually the effect of the Touch of Shade reward from the current Live Event. Costing 100 Sourcestones, it gives your character the death rift-affected look. No stat bonuses or anything. Atleast nothing that I can tell.

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