I'll say one thing about the new Borderlands DLC ... its chock-FULL of epic loot. There are certain lockers that 95% of the time has a small money drop or 1 reload of ammo. There is less than a 5% chance of it containing a pistol or class mod (which boosts your talents). After a boss battle, the treasure room only has 2 major red chests (which can hold a combination of weapons or mods plus grenades and ammo) and tons of lockers.

Every single locker contained a rare (blue) or better (epic or legendary) weapon or mod. The following screenshots was my inventory AFTER i dropped some rares and even some epic items..


It was sick.

1 major complaint; my lvl 61 hunter is not getting any experience at all; not because he's defeating really weak enemies (they're about lvl 55ish), but b/c its glitched. Fix plz Gearbox.

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