Invisible Walls

So the drama of the other day was the Steam cloud not being able to connect to the game which resulted in the game only saving the actual manual saved game versus the f5 quick save games. Quick saved games did not save when you exited the game, so watchout. So essentially 3-4 hours progress wasted. Perks lost. Everything. Spent about 45 minutes waiting for Steam to be able to connect. Not impressed. I've started manually saving the game every 10-15 minutes which is very inconvenient when you're supposed to have a quick save function.

That being said, in 5+ separate sessions, the game only crashed once and I believe that is from pressing too many keys at once due to playing a melee character (but that is still not a good things). I haven't seen too many other bugs, other than that glaring save game bug. Its fixed now... soo.. yay... (rolls eyes) I imagine it is hard to create AI for countless npcs as I find they normally randomly all crowd into a small room, afraid to be alone.

That being said, its fun, exactly like the original Fallout 3, with new perks, gambling, ammo crafting (slowly understanding how it works and its very helpful), factions (Rangers are sneaking up on me and threating me to be good with their faction).

Lvl 7 and still no house.. which is unfortunate.. not many vendors, so strength is rather important, as well as repair to increase the condition and thus reduce your load. I wonder if you can store excess items in a random house either on the floor or in containers and whether it will save it, or whether it will eventually erase it and fill it with trash.

Other things of note:
Alot of invisible walls.. which breaks immersion.
Alot of strong monsters. Deathclaws and giant radscorpions really scare me now.
Weapon mods are pretty cool, though i've only found a few and they're weapon specific.
Stimpaks no longer heal limb injuries, a separate item called the doctor's bag is required and there isn't many in the game at this point.
Its nice to see a blue sky.. the Mohave desert seems alot more clean than DC with all the decrepit buildings.
I've found 2 followers, a Brotherhood of Steel troublemaker and an Eyebot... both made of paper..

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