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Tobold's recent blog http://tobolds.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-changes.html indicates he's a bit burnout from the rigors of blogging. (didn't i write that before?)
I feel bad for the guy; I LOVE to blog and love to write. Its too bad he doesn't feel the passion for it, and suffers when trolled. Its the price of being a popular blog though: the burnout from writing frequently and having unique (see: opinionated) views in the internet community will do that to you.

I've personally tried reading some of his entries but don't frequent it, nor have him on my blogroll. Its mostly a case that he sticks to his favorite games (WoW), which i'm not too interested in.. which is the main reason to adding (or not adding) fellow bloggers.

Some things of note:

- I understand when he says he feels stretched thin, 10 entries a week is quite impressive, especially for a single blogger; I wish I had a talented friend that would help contribute some posts so the site could be more popular, inject some different topics and outlooks, but I believe their passions are more of the playing variety than writing; I actually have another blog and a fulltime job .. so finding topics to write about is a challenge and there are long stretches which I ignore that other blog

-Trolls suck. They're a fact of life in this internet age.. its sad though; that people have so much time on their hands to harrass him.. but i suppose thats their own perogative. I don't have (thankfully **knock on wood**) trolls but I have comment moderation on my site mostly as I don't like spam, and the site name with 'unlock' makes spammers think the blog/article is related to cell phone unlocks and I have no interest in helping them

-The benefits to blogging; its a creative release for me and the notoriety and community are nice benefits. Even if it was for one reader, I would continue to write.. and if i didn't have any readers.. i'd still write: its fun, plain and simple to talk about your passion. I don't ask for, nor need, gifts from other people nor free games from companies no matter how popular I become.. just don't think that way. If I really wanted it, I would petition the company to look at my site for proof of my devotion and writing notoriety.

- in regards to negativity; i've learned over the years that we humans are pretty negative in nature; we're more likely to complain about something, rather than appreciate, compliment or thank someone. But I understand once again, being constantly bombarded with negative comments/people will affect us; I remember I had a close friend, he was funny, outgoing, generous.. but had one flaw, he was always depressed and negative. I found it harder and harder to hang out with him b/c I would become depressed and think more negatively.

As always, I thank any and all visitors for coming and reading; I hope something I write about has touched you in some way, if not ill keep doing so and maybe ill surprise you one day. Farewell to those that leave us, and hope to see you again in the future

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