Fallout Companion Find Guide

Having a hard time keeping your gear in good condition?
Its hard to find similar weapons in the wasteland and even harder to make repair kits (never made one yet).
Thats why you need to have lvl 90 (yeah) Repair skill by lvl 14 and you get the perk called: Jury Rigging, which makes your repair screen do this:

Basically allow you to repair similar kinds of weapons with each other (rifles with rifles, pistols, energy weapons, etc) And don't forget in some cases, a fully repaired item is worth much more than many crappy conditioned items of the same kind.

Wondering where all the companions are? I've found quite a few of them:
ED-E - an eye robot, similar to the ones in Fallout 3; found in the Primm Mojave Express (post office), you'll need rather high repair, science or find some parts to fix it
Pros: the perk allows you to see enemies very far away
Con: at the beginning, it has a crappy laser doing very little damage

Rose Cassidy - a caravaner that uses a shotgun; found at the Mojave Outpost which is an NCR camp in the south west corner of the map where there are the huge statues. You'll need to complete a quest by the Caravaners which unfortunately is right outside of New Vegas and will need high speech or barter.
Con: the perk you get from her isn't that great (makes whiskey less damaging)

Veronica - a Brotherhood of Steel scribe, found at the 188 Trading Post which is 7/8th of the way to the Strip. You'll need an intelligence or atleast a nice opinion of the Brotherhood to get her to join you.
Perk: talking to her activates a reloading bench
Pro: she's melee and one hit kills baddies

Boone - an NCR sniper, found at Novac which is about 3/4 the way to the strip; you need to do a quest to find out who sold his wife into slavery (hint: Jeanie May)
Pro: snipes baddies from huge distances
Con: can't play him if you're evil, and his perk is only ok (when you target baddies, their whole body glows red for easier identification)

Raul - a ghoul found at the top of Black Mountain; it'll be very hard when you're low level as its full of Super Mutants and Nightkins. Freeing him allows you to add him to your party.
Pro: his perk rocks which decreases the deterioration of your gear
Con: I don't think he fights very well..

Rexx - a dog with mechanical parts; haven't got this one yet, but you'll probably have to do a quests for the Kings in the area before the Strip to open this companion up.
Perceived Pro: high damage and armor?
Perceived Con: not a very talkative companion

Arcade??? Lily???

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