Fallout New Vegas Quick Review

BEWARE: even if you have a physical copy of the game purchased from say EB/Bestbuy, you still need to connect to Steam to play it... so buying it from Steam may just be easier. If I knew this, i would have pre-ordered from Steam and get the special dlc.

Highlights include:
Slightly better graphics
New weapons (saw my brother using an old fashioned razor)
Weapon Mods (scopes, bigger magazines)
New items (short term skill buffs)
Speech & Barter are already very important to the game
Ammo & Food crafting

New skill: Survival
Looks to be alot more hirelings
Hardcore mode

Interesting new perks and traits per above.
Bad thing:
It feels exactly like the original Fallout 3. That could be a good thing too; but it just seems like its somewhere else. It makes me feel I bought a big expansion; we'll see in a few days whether I still feel like that.

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