Rant: I Hate Steam

Thanks to a stressful work week, ill go on a rant and say:
I hate Steam.

It makes panda's sad.
Causes world hunger, poverty and cancer.
Is the love child of Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell.
Makes the Tea Party look like a legit political party.
Even Lindsay Lohan thinks they suck.

I've never liked the mandatory connection to the program to be able to play games. What happens if you lose internet connection, what then? What happens if the Steam server is down, how can we play the game that we've bought?

Answer: You can't.

I'm finding out that your save files exist on a cloud and it needs to sync with Steam to be able to access it. Imagine how disconcerting it is to open up the game and load your last file to find out, "hey, this isn't my character... wtf?" And then look at your save files and see that your last file that was saved was the manual save file (I quick save every 5 minutes) that was only the first hour into the game while your current file should be a good 4 hours.

I dunno; I understand the need to protect one's game from piracy, but this is unacceptable. If I bought the game solely from Steam, i'd understand if I needed to be connected, but when I buy a physical copy, I want full access at all times. I'm seriously thinking about not buying any games that require a constant connection anymore a la Steam and just pirate it. So you want to prevent piracy but actually push people towards it. Thanks.


  1. Just wait a while.

    I bought Fallout 3 GOTY on Steam, and there's a program that'll let me bypass steam entirely to run it. :)

    I'm guessing that'll also be the case when someone adapts the program for use with Fallout NV.

    Keep checking the official mod forums for the game till it happens!

  2. Ha, I love this. I've been whining about my FONV experience on keybards.com...

  3. Steam bites. I have a slow internet connection, and been 3 hrs trying to install and play fallout NV. Steaming pile of shit updates every time you load it, just utter crap.

  4. @Steamhater I agree; I never learn my lesson and I keep downloading games off it...