After playing and thoroughly enjoying Rift these past 2 glorious weeks, i've noticed something: I miss RvR areas where I could interact (see: kill) the enemy faction on a daily basis/when i chose to. In Rift, I've only had two instances where i've seen Guardians:

1. A guilded-rogue following me while getting overwhelmed by monsters; he was actually trying to help me, but I was flagged for Pvp accidently so I wasn't taking chances.

2. The same guild in the starter areas probably looking for realm-firsts.

I'm not a carebear, but I haven't done any PvP (nor feel the need to) in Rift, but I think i'll give it a try, just so I can see who's on the other side. I always remembered when playing WAR that there was a White Lion by the name of Kira that was always a terror on the battlefield (and I tried to avoid as best I could).

Finally, a screenshot that isn't dark!

This (Rift) reminds me more of WoW in that you rarely see the enemy faction, unless you make a specific effort to do so.

**Update: I did try some PvP last night; The Black Garden; a deathmatch-hold the flag type of scenario. It was fun; we dominated; 48-3 kill/death ratio

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  1. In later zones you get to seeing them a lot more as they share quest areas and even quest hubs on a regular basis. It's not as noticeable on a PvE server since 95% of the time they aren't flagged and have blue names just like other faction members.