Rifting along

Still absolutely loving Rift these days; my main Exponent, has reached lvl 21 and has about 18/8/0 in a Reaver/Pally/Void Knight. The specc is best described as a WoW melee warlock without a pet. Being able to agro tons of baddies, dot them up easily with skills that infects closeby creatures and using a instant cast no cooldown aoe when not dotting(shhh don't tell Trion that it rocks). The Pally specc has alot of shield attacks that take advantage of reaction abilities and using up attack points for higher damage. Not to mention an instant cast, full heal 10 min cooldown for when my gf (can't remember soul combination) isn't able to keep up the heals. I thankfully don't use that heal spell very often, even when I'm fighting 5 mobs at a time, I normally don't need to use it.

The soul system is a blast if you're an altaholic like myself. If you don't like the way you're playing, whether it lacks defence, dps, needs a pet, or is tedious, then switching souls and respeccing (small monetary cost) will fix that quickly. By seeing the full tree of talents and skills all on one window makes it very accessible and easy to determine what combination of skills will work well with other soul combinations. It also allows you to see where you want to apply future points; one tree might give you an aoe heal, while another is an aoe damage spell. Sure other mmo's may show future skills one can achieve, but its normally in a list and not easily compared with other classes/souls.

Things of interest:
- exploring normally pays off; with hidden artifacts nestled about, but no 'special' easter eggs that gives epic gear yet.. but i've only explored Freemarch so far

- looking forward to more titles

- a tank's shield is smaller than a cleric's shield... odd

- trying to find Iron Ore to make the next level of weapons and armor

- wishing I could make a red dye
- kinda sucks that you jump from making 6 slot bags to 10 slot bags; what happened to the 8 slots?

- the achievement system seems to be more of an after-thought than a main feature a la Warhammer Online and the tome of knowledge (really liked that feature)

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  1. I'm a Purifier, Justicar, Warden.
    apparently this combination is not a recommended combination. but i refused to be as squishy as i was in WAR going full healer.