Now is not the time

..to start complaining and make Rift go downhill, but an improvement I believe would be nice:

To have a multi-colored resource node indicator. Instead of having them all the same color and shape (diamond), why not have them different shapes/colors to differentiate? Sometimes a certain resource is more important than another but i'd still like to know if its nearby. (Yeah, its a bit nit-picking.. but I think it would help)


  1. Like, a mining node being different than a piece of wood, which would also different than say, an herb?

    I dunno, I'm a forager, and I kinda like being surprised when I actually sight the node in question LOL! XD

    Well, at least they let you track multiple resource types at once, I really appreciated that :)

  2. I noticed that today when I reached level 20 on my cleric (Clerical), all the nods were blah colored and easy to miss. I chose Runebreaking and outfitter on my Cleric, but my warrior is doing mining. I wish they would make them a bit bigger and different colors like you said.