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As you may have noticed, i've added a slew of Rift bloggers to the blogroll for your reading pleasure. :)

How Rift will do better in one aspect than Warhammer: All three races of your faction all start in the same zone. Meaning no needing to walk a far distance just to meet up and quest with your friends if you pick different races. Thus more population in the same area. Simply put: I like it.
It was great for each race to have their own lore and thus their own starting areas, but as we see from its history (ended up all starting in the Chaos zone), it didn't work out too well.

The gf's character getting her head in the picture ;)

Question: How are you distributing points for your characters in Rift?
Is it nice and balanced or are you focusing in a particular tree/class?
I find with my Warlock/Chloromancer/Necromancer that 80% of my points are going into Chloromancer, while the rest is Warlock.
My Pally/Warlord/Riftblade is a bit more balanced at 70%/15/15... but not by much!


I noticed a comment from one site how the auto grouping was a negative in their eyes as it fostered people in just joining and then leaving right away once the event/rift was complete. And not only that, but people can join any group at any time.

We thought there would be some reason to this huge statue out on an island.. but there wasn't..

I'll just clarify one thing; if you set your group to private and don't click the "Merge group" button at the top of the screen, no one can join your group; or atleast no one has tried to when i've played.
It normally would seem rude at first if people just joined your group and then as soon as the rift is done, to leave. But once it happens more often, it just seems natural; its exactly what my gf and I did. We'd have our own private party and we'd merge out party into the raid to help in a rift and when we were done and wanted to continue questing, we'd both leave and form up a party again. Now we'll probably realize that as we level up and the rifts get harder (i'd imagine atleast, that they'd get harder/complex), that forming raids and sticking in them is more important as there will be more communication and natural leaders/bossy people will pop up.

On the topic of communication, I've encountered three kinds of players in mmos:
- Chatty; always talking about any topic
- Serious; only about the game or the situation within the game
- Silent; just does the quest/rift and follows orders

I fall into the Serious category, unless i'm playing with RL -core group friends then i'm semi-chatty ;)

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