Taking a Poll on Rift

What server and side are you picking? I'm looking back on people's blogs but I can't see what servers everyone is going to be on.. I only remember Faeblight is popular.. but i still want to know the side they picked ;)


Picked up the game from EB today and expected there to be none, but the wall was jammed pack. The gf will be joining me which is exciting; i'm not gonna be fanboyish and rant and rave about it to my friends. I'll try my best to be honest and let them see and try themselves (*remember: WAR*)

See you in game (i really hope my names aren't taken already) :)


  1. Multiplaying and associated bloggers and tweeters as a majority are playing Defiant on Faeblight. I hear The Gaiscioch from WAR-Badlands are playing Guardians on the same server. If you've ever heard of them, it's going to be a hell of a ride. They're more than eager to have cross-realm server-wide events just for the hell of it.

  2. @Grimnir
    Thanks bud.. i think those servers are full tho at this time unfortunately.. ill give it a try tomorrow :)